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Join our group of like minded golfers and take them on each week in Simlife Golfs Tour Competition.

Each week your group of four players meet at a time of your choosing and play 18 holes of scramble on some of the best courses from around the globe. You have 7 days to complete your round and there are weekly winners. The season is 10 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of finals to determine the overall champions. The cost is $35 per player per week this includes trophy’s or $40 per week which also includes drinks and snacks

Scramble Golf

Scramble is probably one of the most enjoyable forms of competition play. Scramble is a team game so each player doesn’t have to keep their individual score. Playing as a four man team, each player hits off from the tee, then the best shot is chosen, and the four players hit from that location. This is repeated until the ball is in the hole. Because the four players play as a team, there is only one score recorded. At Simlife each player’s drive must be used at least three times, this evens out the competition and makes the game more strategic and interesting. Each team is given a handicap that is adjusted after each round. Scoring is a points system, the team with the highest score is the weekly winner. Score are added up over the 10 week season and the highest 4 scores at the end play off in the finals.

Beer, Soft drinks, tea and coffee

Enjoy a wide array of beverages while you play your round, there is no limit to the drinks when you include the drinks and snack package.
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Play 6 Days A week

When you play in the Tour you have 7 days in which to complete your round to be eligible for the weekly prizes. If you have to miss a week for any reason you can make up the round at a later date, so you don’t miss out on championship points. Your round may be played day or night, but you must book in your tee time in advance.

first round is free to get your handicap

Get your handicap. Come and play a round on us and we will give you a starting handicap for the competition. Every week your handicap will be adjusted to make the comp as even and competitive as possible. 
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